Thank you for taking the time to view my work. I have over four years experience as a digital designer, working with brands and agencies to create content-driven advertising experiences – my favourites of which I have shared here with you. As a designer, I'm big on the details. The little things matter. Crafting visually-engaging designs that people love to use is my cup of tea. Also, I really do drink a lot of tea.

When I'm not working you'll find me being crafty (I love to crochet) to relax, reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, doing something sporty, or there's a high possiblity I'm just catching up on some great TV.

Eichhof Retro

I was responsible for the visual design of this custom microsite for Eichhof, a Swiss beer company who have been operating for over 180 years. The concept revolves around the Eichhof Retro lager, first brewed in the 1970's and back for beer lovers to enjoy today.

The Concept

Users land on the responsive microsite and have their Spotify playlist taken back in time by analysing their music library and switching out tracks for their 70's equivalent.